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Textiles are the new plastics in circularity, Copenhagen


As part of the C40 World Mayors Summit in Copenhagen, GFA will host a side-event focusing on how local municipalities can be more involved in circular fashion systems.

Regulators in China and the EU are introducing new legislation about clothing waste and recycling. The recent EU Waste Directive (adopted by the European Parliament in 2018, part of the EU circular economy package) requires EU Member States to set up schemes at the latest by 2025 that ensure textiles are collected as a separate waste stream. Moving forward, local municipalities will play a pertinent role in the transition to a circular fashion system as they will be responsible for executing the implementation of efficient waste handling schemes. Especially in the EU where separate collection of textiles will be mandatory from 2025.

To help local municipalities prepare, this event will be action-oriented and divided into two sessions. The first session will present existing best practice cases from cities and fashion companies who, who will share their experiences in launching schemes for clothing and footwear collection, reuse and recycling.

The second session will invite all participants to engage in facilitated discussions around what local challenges cities are facing and how to approach solutions collaboratively with key actors. The outcomes resulting from the second session will be part of an ongoing effort by five international fashion and textile associations (EURATEX, FESI, GFA, IAF and SAC) to co-develop a European vision for textiles in a circular economy.

The aim of the event is to provide a forum, where local municipalities (from various worldwide cities), brands, waste collectors and other actors in circular fashion systems, can participate in a constructive dialogue on challenges and solutions.

The list of participants will include a diverse group of waste collectors, brands and national municipalities.

What: “Textiles are the new plastics in circularity” event
When: 11 October, 11.00-13.30 CET
Where: Blox, Bryghuspladsen, Copenhagen

Find out more about the event here.
If you would like to express interest in attending the event please contact hnn@globalfashionagenda.com.