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Yesterday, 22 May 2018, Danish Fashion Institute and Copenhagen Fashion Week adopted major changes in both companies at their annual general meeting: in the future Danish Fashion Institute will focus exclusively on sustainability and be renamed Global Fashion Agenda. At the same time Copenhagen Fashion Week will become an independent company.

Based on the success Copenhagen Fashion Summit has experienced since the first Summit took place in 2009, Danish Fashion Institute embarked on a comprehensive strategic process two years ago to strengthen the organisation’s role as a global leader in the development of a sustainable fashion industry. As a result of this new strategy Danish Fashion Institute established Global Fashion Agenda as its major international sustainability initiative.

At the annual general meeting of Danish Fashion Institute and Copenhagen Fashion Week yesterday, it was therefore decided that Danish Fashion Institute will now officially change its name to Global Fashion Agenda and that Copenhagen Fashion Week will become a separate independent company in order to best tap the full potential of both companies.

Chair of the board Niels Eskildsen, CEO of Designers Remix, states:

As chair of the board for the last five years, it’s been impressive to see Danish Fashion Institute move from its national focus on the industry, primarily via Copenhagen Fashion Week, to having a leading global position on sustainability in the fashion industry. I’m convinced that these changes can serve to expand Global Fashion Agenda’s global leadership position and help Copenhagen Fashion Week fulfil its potential, in addition to cementing Copenhagen as Scandinavia’s fashion centre.”

Eva Kruse, CEO of Global Fashion Agenda, talks about the major changes:

“It’s with great excitement and great expectations that Global Fashion Agenda is now established as a company, a move that simultaneously represents the end of an epoch-making chapter in the Danish fashion industry after 13 years as Danish Fashion Institute. Fortunately, Danish fashion stands stronger than ever before and has substantial support from the trade organisations Dansk Fashion & Textile and WEAR, but also Copenhagen Fashion Week, which means I’m closing this chapter with a sense of calm and look forward to focusing all our efforts on strengthening the sustainability movement in the global fashion industry.”

Designers Remix CEO Niels Eskildsen will remain chair of Global Fashion Agenda and McKinsey & Company, Inc. director emeritus and senior advisor Thomas Tochtermann joins the board as deputy chair, while former INDEX: Design to Improve Life® CEO Kigge Hvid also joins the board.