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Recycling clothes through a brand’s garment collection scheme requires a shift in behaviour, which is why involving and incentivising customers to bring back their clothes is essential. Nudie Jeans has taken on an educative role to communicate the value of used textiles to its customers.

Nudie Jeans’ repair service and collection scheme are an essential part of its business. Therefore, the brand has developed informative in-store signs to clearly communicate that it repairs its jeans for free and that customers receive a 20% discount on a new pair of jeans when dropping off an old one. The signs have increased customer participation, just as sales staff is continuously encouraged to talk about the collection programme during in-store customer encounters. The amount of collected Nudie Jeans has increased as a result of pursuing a long-term strategy that continuously strives to improve.

Empowering customers

With the climate crisis receiving increased attention, including waste management and the environmental impact of products and people, more and more customers are eager to know how they can contribute to a positive change. Improved customer awareness means people can responsibly give back products at their end-of-use stage, allowing them to be turned into valuable resources for re-utilisation. Engaging customers in the circular and sustainable agenda goes beyond in-store initiatives. Nudie Jeans also aims to educate and inform customers via social media, newsletters and journal posts.

Collection scheme takes centre stage

Collecting its old jeans has become a key focus of Nudie Jeans’ circular efforts. Due to the interdependent nature of circularity, the brand will continue to communicate and inform customers about its circular activities. Collected jeans are used as patches by the repair service, made into smaller accessories or are sold as re-use, showcasing the importance of the collection scheme to all of the brand’s circular activities.

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