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Associate Partners

Our Associate Partners are a group of select companies who are sustainability leaders or have the aspiration to improve their sustainability performance, representing companies of varying size, segment and geographies. They provide additional feedback and input in content developed by Global Fashion Agenda.


Allbirds believes in making better things in a better way. The company is on a mission to prove that comfort, design and sustainability are not mutually exclusive by making premium footwear from renewable materials, designed for everyday life. It launched its first product in March 2016, the Wool Runner, which was dubbed “the world’s most comfortable shoe” by TIME Magazine. Allbirds has gone on to sell over a million pairs of shoes in its first two years of business and continues to introduce new proprietary sustainable materials, including Tree made from eucalyptus fibre and SweetFoam™ derived from renewable sugarcane.

“At Allbirds, our mission is to make incredible products that have the lowest carbon footprint possible, with the ultimate goal of becoming an entirely carbon-negative company. We’re proud to join Global Fashion Agenda to work closely with like-minded brands who also believe that we must collaborate around sustainability rather than compete.”

— Joey Zwillinger and Tim Brown, co-founders and co-CEOs, Allbirds


“As one of the global leaders in the apparel manufacturing industry, we focus on stakeholders’ interests and have been committed to operating our business in a sustainable manner since 2008. Through partnership with Global Fashion Agenda, we shall drive industry peers to gear towards sustainability for the betterment of our future.”

— Catherine Chiu, General Manager, Corporate Quality and Sustainability, Crystal International

Crystal International Group Limited is a global leader in the apparel manufacturing industry, founded in Hong Kong in 1970. The Group has a diversified product portfolio of five categories, including lifestyle wear, denim, intimate, sweater and sportswear and outdoor apparel. Crystal International currently operates 20 production facilities in five countries, including Vietnam, China, Cambodia, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. The Group highly presents differentiated value-added “co-creation” business model and strongly focuses on sustainability development. It was ranked 17th out of 50 in Fortune magazine’s “Change the World” list in 2016, which recognises companies with significant social and environmental impact through business.


Established in 1979, ERDOS Group is one of China’s top 100 private enterprises. ERDOS Cashmere Group is a subsidiary of ERDOS Group and is the leading player in China’s cashmere industry. The Group boasts the world’s largest scale production, most complete industrial systems, most mature marketing network and most advanced technology and equipment in the cashmere apparel industry. For over thirty years, ERDOS Cashmere Group has consistently set new standards in the development of China’s cashmere industry. It was the first enterprise to carry out intensive cashmere processing and was crowned as “The Leader of the Cashmere World”, with recognisable government standard and was the first “Chinese Famous Trademark” in the garment industry.

“Cashmere, the precious resource of Earth, represents human’s nature advocation and emotional inheritance. As the inheritor, innovator and the promoter of cashmere industry, popularising the sustainable development concept has become the significant responsibility of ERDOS. Therefore, our cooperation with authoritative organisation such as Global Fashion Agenda can further maximise and disseminate cashmere sustainability in fashion industry.”

— Jane Wang, General Manager, ERDOS Group


“The fashion industry’s impact on the environment is becoming greater and greater, it’s time for companies to start taking sustainability seriously. Fortunately, many companies have responded and are working towards more sustainable practices in their supply chain, but this is something the whole industry needs to be acting on. Our responsibility is to dedicate time and resources to developing new materials and products that are more sustainable, and to educate consumers so they can make better decisions.”

— Kimberley Smith, General Manager of Apparel, Everlane

Everlane launched in 2011 with the mission to provide consumers with well-designed, high-quality clothing and accessories at an approachable price point while encouraging them to stay educated on product origins. By cutting out the middleman and sharing the true cost of each product, Everlane has become a leader in the transparent retail space and a disruptor of the luxury clothing industry. Building on the brand’s transparent values, Everlane has put sustainability front and centre. The company has launched denim made at the world’s cleanest factory and in October 2018, made a commitment to eliminate all virgin plastic from its supply chain by 2021. Everlane currently works with over 30 factories and has two flagship stores in San Francisco and New York.


Founded in 1989, G-Star RAW remains driven by the philosophy of “Just the Product”. With this dedication to quality and progress, the brand represents the forefront of the denim industry, producing pioneering styles and challenging industry standards. Innovation and sustainability are at the core of the G-Star DNA and the brand is committed to lead by example and develop sustainable solutions for the future of fashion.

“Global Fashion Agenda is spearheading the fashion industry’s journey towards a more sustainable future. As a brand with innovation and sustainability rooted in our very core, we want to be part of this global discussion in order to set the agenda and lead by example to create a positive, more sustainable future within our industry.”

— Frouke Bruinsma, Sustainability Director, G-Star Raw


“At GANNI, we believe that sustainability is rapidly becoming a prerequisite for doing business in the fashion industry but also a moral obligation. And as with any other moral matter, we all need help and guidance to get there. Partnering with Global Fashion Agenda gives us access to knowledge and offers opportunities to collaborate with like-minded players in the industry, as well as nudges us in the right direction on a daily basis.”

— Nicolaj Reffstrup, founder, GANNI

Founded in 2000, Danish fashion label GANNI has developed exponentially over recent years with its Scandi 2.0 sense of style full of personality, contrasts and experimentation. Based in Copenhagen and owned and run since 2009 by husband-and-wife team Creative Director Ditte Reffstrup and Founder Nicolaj Reffstrup, GANNI is represented in more than 400 of the world’s finest retailers as well as through 21 concept stores across Denmark, Norway and Sweden.


Outland Denim exists to create positive social change using the vehicle of beautifully crafted denim jeans. Managing production from their stand-alone production and finishing facilities in Cambodia, Outland Denim sources the finest, sustainable raw materials from around the world to create garments with environmental integrity while offering training, employment and educational opportunities to women, who have experienced poverty, exploitation and adversity. Outland Denim is Australia’s first Certified B CorporationⓇ denim brand and desires to eliminate the devastating effects of poverty to affect true generational change.

“We desire to see the entire fashion industry take responsibility for its use of human and natural resources throughout the supply chain while correcting deficiencies, mitigating the industry’s historical impact and demonstrating that we can be an answer to some of the world’s greatest social problems, such as entrenched, endemic poverty. This cannot be done without great vision, leadership and collaboration. For us, partnering with Global Fashion Agenda is a definite step in this direction.”

— James Bartle, Founding CEO, Outland Denim


“We believe it is our responsibility to lead the sustainability agenda and we are delighted to join forces with Global Fashion Agenda to shape its future. Partnership and sharing ideas are key to addressing these challenges as well as driving innovation and action that will help us transition to a more sustainable future.”

— Anne Pitcher, Managing Director, Selfridges Group

Selfridges Group seeks to lead the way as a responsible retailer and trusted curator of brands. The Group’s approach to sustainability, “Buying Better, Inspiring Change” reflects its commitment and intention to remain the kind of company its customers expect it to be. Selfridges Group is a family business and knows that it has a stake in the future, and a responsibility to secure it for everyone. The Group takes a long-term view towards investing in the future, which is guided by its values.

TAL Apparel

TAL Apparel is a pioneering garment manufacturer that has created supply chain solutions tailored to the exact needs of retailers and brands for more than 70 years. A world leader in manufacturing excellence, the company has 10 factories in five countries and over 25,000 employees. Sustainability has always been a key pillar at TAL. They have been implementing GHG Emission Intensity and Water Footprint Reduction programmes since 2010.

“For the tremendous task ahead of us of creating a sustainable fashion industry, we believe in open dialogue, alignment and coordination along the whole supply chain. Global Fashion Agenda provides a wide-reaching platform that reaches the senior management of organizations in the supply chain. Alone we go faster, together we go further.”

– Dr Delman Lee, President & Chief Technology Officer, TAL Apparel

VF Corporation

“We’re facing some extremely complicated challenges and big uncertainties but at the same time need bold and urgent action. We believe there’s a need for strategic partnership and collaboration to facilitate comprehensive, systemic change at scale. Global Fashion Agenda is an enabler of change and has been pushing the industry to work together through a common agenda and coordinated action.”

– Anna Maria Rugarli, Sustainability & Responsibility Senior Director, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, VF Corporation

Founded in 1899, VF Corporation is one of the world’s largest apparel, footwear and accessories companies connecting people to the lifestyles, activities and experiences they cherish most through a family of iconic outdoor, active and workwear brands including Vans®, The North Face®, Timberland® and Dickies®. The company’s purpose is to power movements of sustainable and active lifestyles for the betterment of people and our planet. This purpose is connected to a relentless drive to succeed in creating value for all stakeholders and using the company as a force for good.


Zalando is Europe’s leading online platform for fashion and lifestyle. Founded in Berlin in 2008, the company brings head-to-toe fashion to more than 29 million active customers in 17 markets, offering clothing, footwear, accessories and beauty. Its assortment of international brands ranges from world famous names to local labels. Zalando’s platform is a one-stop fashion destination for inspiration, innovation and interaction. As Europe’s most fashionable tech company, it works hard to find digital solutions for every aspect of the fashion journey, for customers, its partners and every valuable player in the Zalando universe. The company’s goal is to become the Starting Point for Fashion.

“Zalando’s sustainability vision is to be a sustainable fashion platform with a net-positive impact for people and the planet. This means constantly improving our own business and making it easy for customers to spot and shop more sustainable fashion. We collaborate with strong partners to face the fundamental sustainability issues of our industry and shape a more sustainable future for fashion. That’s why we’re excited to have Global Fashion Agenda by our side as a key partner and believe that we can make a difference together.”

– David Schneider, Co-CEO, Zalando