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Global Fashion Agenda and The Boston Consulting Group are currently developing the second edition of the ‘Pulse of the Fashion Industry report’ on sustainability. The first edition from 2017 provided insights in where the industry stands and showcased first examples proving that sustainability initiatives can present a viable business case already today.

You can download a copy of the report here and watch the recording of the event here

In this year’s report, we will present the progress made over the last year and explore the industry’s priorities, motivations, and business cases for sustainability in more depth. In order to generate an overarching and representative view of the industry’s perspective on sustainability, however, we need your contribution. An expert opinion such as yours is highly valuable and of utmost importance to us during the content generation process of our report.

We would like to invite you to share your insights and become part of the agenda setters and thought leaders actively contributing to the report. We would greatly appreciate if you could provide your input by 14 February 2018, taking around 25 minutes of your time. Take the survey here: https://www.113.vovici.net/se.ashx?s=13B2588B6F2414CA 

Please find further information about the report, the survey, and your chance of winning a ticket to the Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2018 below.

Your Voice

We are reaching out to you since we would like the fashion industry to be actively heard in the report. This will be ensured via our global survey of around 150 selected experts working on the topic of sustainability. As such an expert, we would like to understand where your organization stands with regards to sustainability topics as of today, as well as gather your personal opinions.  

All information provided in this survey will be handled confidentially and results will only be published anonymously on an aggregated level. Survey results can be saved and revisited before submission, as we greatly appreciate your time and schedule.

Pulse of the Fashion Industry

The Pulse of the Fashion Industry report follows the strong belief that the environmental, social and ethical challenges the industry faces today are not simply a threat, but instead an immense – untapped – value creation opportunity. This annual report will be the second of its kind. In the first edition from 2017, we revealed where the industry stands (you can find the link to the 2017 report here). This year we will show the progress made and explore the industry´s priorities, motivations and the business case for sustainability in more depth.The report will be published in spring 2018, in the lead up to the Copenhagen Fashion Summit on 15-16 May 2018.Benefits of ParticipationSurvey participants invited directly by GFA and BCG are eligible to enter a lucky draw for the opportunity to win one of two regular-priced tickets to the Copenhagen Fashion Summit on 15-16 May 2018 at a value of up to 900 per ticket. To enter the draw you are asked to submit your email address at the end of the survey and winners will be contacted on 13 February. Please note that the ticket is personal and can’t be transferred to someone else.